Samuel L. Jackson Is Bad-

ass, and with his new movie, Shaft, hitting the theatres, I thought we should pay tribute to probably the happiest actor on the planet. Samuel L. Jackson’s filmography resembles a kid in a candy store, only this candy store happens to be trademarked by Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney. Oh, and did I mention Quentin... Continue Reading →

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Amadeus: The Original “Rocketman”

Rami Malek morphed into Freddie Mercury, Rocketman continues to set box office numbers ablaze, and we await The Beatles in the upcoming feature, Yesterday, and Bruce Springsteen in Blinded by the Light. It is Classic Rock 101 in the movies these days, and the hits keep on coming. Whether you call them musical biopics or... Continue Reading →

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Rocketman vs. Godzilla!

In the left corner, weighing in at 70 on the Metacritic scale as a biopic about a world-renowned music star, we have Rocketman! And, in the right corner, weighing in just below 50 as a monster movie about a legendary monster, we have Godzilla: King of the Monsters! Let’s have a clean fight, touch gloves,... Continue Reading →

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Cold Pursuit (2019) *1/2

Let me start off by saying I purchased my ticket for this movie before Liam Neeson's racist comments were made public, and I do believe his comments were racist. For a good hour, I debated whether or not I should still go to this movie. Would that make me a supporter of Mr. Neeson's comments?... Continue Reading →

Us (2019) **

Until its “ah-ha” moment at the end, Jordan Peele’s Get Out was a unique blend of almost satire, almost horror, and almost political statement. Staying at almost would have kept it above standard, but there’s no denying the ending was a predictable horror cliche, keeping me from giving it anything above 3 stars. Now, Jordan... Continue Reading →

Dumbo (2019) ***1/2

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. I rarely endorse remakes, but Tim Burton's remade remake not only transforms the imagery of the animated original into a live action medium, it cherishes the heart and empathy behind the original as well. The character of Dumbo is adorable and given life by... Continue Reading →

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