Poltergeist: My First Horror

I am only 7 years old, running aimlessly around the neighborhood cul de sac like any 7-year-old would do. “Poltergeist is playing, Poltergeist is playing!” yells Deedoo, my next door neighbor who’s one year younger than me.  I have no idea what “Poltergeist” is. Is it a tv show maybe having something to do with Star Wars because... Continue Reading →

Joker’s Identity Crisis

Did you feel sympathy for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? I ask because there is no doubt Director/Co-Writer Todd Phillips was aiming for your heartfelt understanding as his Joker is abandoned by his father, beaten to a pulp in alleyways and subways, and inflicted with a Tourette’s-like disease of uncontrollable, gag-inducing laughter. The poor guy can’t catch... Continue Reading →

My October Begins with Nosferatu

Before the corniness of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, teeny-boppers of Twilight, The Lost Boys of the ‘80s, sexy interviews with Tom and Brad, and the cliché of Dracula himself, there was an insufferable, disease-bearing beast that crept through the dark forests of the Carpathian Mountains. The Romanians of the late 19th century called him Nosferatu,... Continue Reading →

The Inner Space of Ad Astra

“Space I understand.” “I’ve been trained to compartmentalize.” “Most of us spend our entire lives in hiding.” Since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), “outer space” has become the ultimate misnomer in filmmaking lore. More like “inner constraint,” movies have explored less the vastness of galaxies and more the psychology of the astronaut inside... Continue Reading →

3 Months a Blogger and Grateful

Some people have a writer in them they need to let out. Some write about fly fishing. There's a nice man I follow who writes about his latest barbecue chicken rub. I do movies. A good majority of bloggers choose to write about movies too. Some write well. Some try well. I'd like to think... Continue Reading →

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