Ford v. Ferrari: Vroom to the Best of 2019

There’s a reason Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times placed Ford v Ferrari as his top film of 2019: It is a refreshingly uncontrived look at male camaraderie, and it revitalizes the sports movie genre, even if you have a low motorsports IQ. Yes, there are several mentionings of 427-cubic-inch big-block engines, GT40 acronyms,... Continue Reading →

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The Irishman and the Art of Sitting

A Martin Scorsese film is like an old, leather wingback lounge chair: Even with its holes and flaws, it is still dependable and comfortable. His recently released The Irishman is 3 hours and 30 minutes long. That’s a lot of sitting in front of a movie – too much for a seat in the theatre... Continue Reading →

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Knives Out: Clue with Cell Phones

Put simply, Knives Out is an old-fashioned whodunit set in a postmodern world. It’s as if Mrs. Peacock could check Google on her cell phone, Colonel Mustard could burn rubber in his newly restored '72 BMW coupe, and Professor Plum could sport a $825 Brunello Cucinello sweater while studying in the library. Like the legendary... Continue Reading →

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Frozen 2: A Worthy Sequel

Watching a movie sequel is like revisiting a good friend after many years of long distance. The yearning for the “good old days” may get offset by new wrinkles, but the warm feeling of familiarity prevails. Frozen 2’s musical prowess isn’t as memorable as its trailblazing predecessor, but the fondness for its characters couldn’t be... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse Madness

Two grown men are stranded on a remote island with flatulence abound. This is not going to be a popular mainstream movie. Add black and white photography, an alien dialect of 1890s New England, and the claustrophobia of a shoddy lighthouse, most Marvel Comic Universe fanatics will tear their hair out. For me, The Lighthouse... Continue Reading →

Poltergeist: My First Horror

I am only 5 years old, running aimlessly around the neighborhood cul de sac like any 5-year-old would do. “Poltergeist is playing, Poltergeist is playing!” yells Deedoo, my next door neighbor who’s one year younger than me.  I have no idea what “Poltergeist” is. Is it a tv show maybe having something to do with Star Wars because... Continue Reading →

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