3 Months a Blogger and Grateful

Some people have a writer in them they need to let out.

Some write about fly fishing. There’s a nice man I follow who writes about his latest barbecue chicken rub.

I do movies.

A good majority of bloggers choose to write about movies too. Some write well. Some try well. I’d like to think I land in the middle. Regardless, if we choose to blog, we choose to write about a passion, and if we write passionately about it, I think that’s all that matters.

I am a husband first to a patient and encouraging wife, a furry, black cat dad second, ecstatic high school music teacher third, and a movie fanatic fourth. To watch a movie is one thing; to write a review on it is dessert, and I’ve always had a sweet tooth.

It’s been a sweet summer, and I’m thrilled that I started this blog when the last school year ended.

I’ve met so many amazing people through this blogging community, and I can say this without a hint of hesitation in my gut: The blogging community is supportive, loving, communicative, and your number one fan when you need it to be.

I learned the technical ins and outs of blogging format, exposure, and publication through Jenny in the UK: https://jennyinneverland.com. She will respond to your every question 🙂

Mitch (https://mitchteemley.com/) and https://bereavedsingledad.blog/ have enriched my spiritual life with humor, challenge, and observation of nature. Add some love to the mixture, and you have a wonderful https://inalove.world/

Kristian writes prompted fiction so well, you’d think you were reading her diary (too many times have I thought she was writing her non-fiction journey): https://lifelessonsaroundthedinnertable.wordpress.com/

Need to unwind and “look” at how to do that? Go here: https://tao-talk.com/

Best compliment: https://powerpop.blog/ reminds me of my dad. This guy knows so much about the history, plugs, controversies, and pickup notes of every classic rock song. The Wiki definition of “nostalgia” must include him, or life would not be fair. He rocks.

Regarding movies, I adore Isabelle’s reviews (https://isabellereviewsmovies.wordpress.com/), I look forward to Thomas’ monthly reports (https://digitalshortbread.com/thomas-j-is/), and Joel has great taste and is such a nice supporter of mine: https://joelwatchesmovies.wordpress.com/

Jay at the infamously titled https://assholeswatchingmovies.com/ is the heartbeat of film criticism. Straight outta Canada and with a wicked sense of humor, she writes about movies – old and new – like breathing air, and unlike the air in Denver, it is fresh.

In the last three months, my favorite movie review/blog was the one I wrote about that Pokémon movie I saw with my brother-in-law, Alec. It just goes to show that movies are all about conversation and companionship, much like a prayer to God: https://reelybernie.com/2019/07/09/that-pokemon-movie-is-actually-a-prayer/

Unfortunately, most of 2019 has been a cinematic disappointment. Even my favorite published film critic, James Berardinelli, couldn’t come up with a worthy “Halftime Top 10” – http://www.reelviews.net/reelthoughts/reelthought_1564586901. So, my blog kind of evolved into a celebration of the movies that offer me Escape and an opportunity to Empathize with the characters (the two “Es” in Reely Bernie). Throw in some “groundbreakers” (Amadeus, A Hard Day’s Night) and “losers” in the mix (Long Shot, Child’s Play), and you experience the typical and absolutely wonderful world of movies.

This is no farewell to blogging or movie reviewing, but with the next school year starting back up literally next week (!!!), I simply will not have as much time for it. I just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers and supporters this past summer.

You’ve helped “check mark” a hobby venture of mine 🙂 I will continue this blog as the next hopeful “reel” comes out, but if you don’t hear from me as much as you used to, it’s because I am grading AP Music Theory or directing a choir concert.

I love you all. You are good people. You make the world a lot smaller, and I am grateful for your every word.


Reely Bernie

9 thoughts on “3 Months a Blogger and Grateful

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  1. I am not sure how I missed this, but thank you so much for including me in your list of fantastic bloggers. I am deeply humbled & honored by it!!

    Secondly, I love your reviews. So much so, in fact; that I always come to your blog to check out certain movie reviews before I watch them (Pet Semetary, for instance.) I love your writing.This line really struck me: “To watch a movie is one thing; to write a review on it is dessert, and I’ve always had a sweet tooth.”
    Everyone is a critic these days, but you really delve into the problem areas & tell us how it could have been made better. It’s a way that’s constructive & tasteful. You must be a fabulous teacher! I really commend you for that. It drives me crazy when people complain or poorly rate something but give no explanation as to why. In the same sense, when it’s something you find appealing, you write with such passion that it makes me want to stop what I’m doing & go watch the film for myself!

    I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the summer. I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming school year, & I’m looking forward to more movie reviews. ❤

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    1. You made my day, Kristian! Thank you for the kind words and imagination I was able to read and enjoy this summer. You’re a part of the positive blogging community I’ve met in the past months, and it brings me joy to know such good people exist around the world. I do hope to continue reading and writing, but, wow, three days into teaching meetings, and I have lost so much of that fun, well earned free time 🙂 Hopefully, as the new promising flicks release this fall, I’ll fit them in 🙂 Best to you and your creative abilities! We will keep in touch 🙂

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  2. Appreciate the link man! I have a lot of respect for people who balance work/life with blogging about movies. I’ve always loved movies but I didn’t really start writing about them until a few years ago. Been a joy ever since. And kind of an obsession. I need to get back to a better balance in my own life.

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    1. Thanks, Thomas. The perk about teaching is having the summer off. The challenge about teaching is when it’s not summer, you lose your life, haha! I’ll still be checking in, just less often. Keep up the good work and Happy August!

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  3. Thank you for the kind words…
    “most of 2019 has been a cinematic disappointment”… that is why I go back more but…that is not saying a great movie is not around the corner. My only hope for a great movie is an Indie movie…but maybe Hollywood will prove me wrong.

    That’s not saying I don’t enjoy the escapism of IT Chapter 2 coming up and Godzilla…they feed my inner child.

    Sometimes we all have to slow down blogging…I went from 3 posts a day to 1 except on weekends. Have a great year…I will look forward to your next post.

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    1. And, luckily, movies do tend to get better in the fall and winter. Yes, escapism is what it’s all about. I look forward to reading more of your song analyses and movie reviews. It dawned on me how much school will take over my life again. I’m excited for the routine and seeing the students again, but this summer of movie blogging has been such a blessing. I will definitely pop in the horror movies in October and the Oscar hopefuls in November. Until later, keep up the good work on your end and keep rockin’

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      1. You do the same and enjoy school. It makes a difference…these kids will remember you for the rest of their lives…I still remember mine.

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  4. Absolutely love your blogs my darling! And thank you for the introductions to your other bloggers. You have introduced me to a new world and community. How lovely of you to do this. In your honor I watched Gone with the Wind last night… forgot the 233 min length. That stunning Tara, the music theme (which St Mary of the Woods College put words to and created the school song”Who’sWoods these Are”), and Scarlet and Rhett! A film which set the standard in cinematic excellence!!! I appreciate how you’ve woken this passion up in me. Thanks Reely Bernie!

    Sent from my iPhone

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    1. Katio! You’re the best! First of all, way to hang in there with that long but amazing movie (“a standard in cinematic excellence,” as you say). I had no idea about the music theme, but I love the St. Marys of the Woods connection you, Mom, and Gaga have. This blog certainly was a highlight in my summer. It will continue for sure, but there will be a short break as we get settled back into school. I can’t wait until October when the horror movies sneak up on us! Love you!

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