Long Shot *1/2

Not only is there a lack of credibility behind the political setting and a lack of chemistry between the two leads, Seth Rogen comes across as creepy and deplorable.

The self-deprecating, drug-consuming, Cookie Monster-voiced act has over-exerted itself to a nauseous degree. It was funny at first (Pineapple Express), but then you realize Rogen really does have only one trick up his sleeve (exception: Steve Jobs – he was brilliant in Steve Jobs).

During the entire movie, I kept wondering how badly he and his character smelled during each scene. All of that booze, all the drugs (Molly is his new go-to because marijuana is so passé), and all of that beard-gathered saliva: one has to wonder how an older woman finds him attractive, let alone Charize Theron.

The entire setup is too unbelievable to suspend disbelief (even for rom-com standards), and the production design is literally a Canadian soundstage and backdrop.

The movie theatre at this time of year is a car fire, and this one just poured on more gasoline.

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