My First Tarantino “So-So”

There is no doubt Quentin Tarantino belongs to the Greatest American Film Directors Club, and Scorsese, Coppola, and Spielberg should be greeters at the door (Big Kahuna Burgers served inside). His knack for non-sequential storytelling and intertwining narrative is impeccable and legitimately his. Cherry-topping that, his testosterone-prone dialogue fires as rapidly as the bullets that... Continue Reading →

A Sucker for The Lion King (2019)

Remake, reboot, retread, 2D cel animation to computer-generated animation to live-action animation – The Lion King (2019) opens the Pandora’s Box on an array of cinematic terms, trends, and terrors. The terms – remake, reboot, and retread – refer to the ongoing epidemic of America no longer being able to make anything original in the... Continue Reading →

3 Months a Blogger and Grateful

Some people have a writer in them they need to let out. Some write about fly fishing. There's a nice man I follow who writes about his latest barbecue chicken rub. I do movies. A good majority of bloggers choose to write about movies too. Some write well. Some try well. I'd like to think... Continue Reading →

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