Cold Pursuit *1/2

Let me start off by saying I purchased my ticket for this movie before Liam Neeson’s racist comments were made public, and I do believe his comments were racist. For a good hour, I debated whether or not I should still go to this movie. Would that make me a supporter of Mr. Neeson’s comments? I love a good vigilante movie from time to time, and this one intrigued me the moment I saw the trailer. Can I separate my newly found distaste in the actor from the character he plays onscreen? 

I was quickly immersed in the “love the art, hate the artist” argument, and I’m not a fan of this phrase because it uses the extreme word and assumption of “hate,” which opens an entirely different door to this matter. 

We all know that some great art is created by some great bad people. I loathe his drunkenly, slovenly lifestyle, but Bukowski’s raw prose still entertains me. Any movie critic is torn when it comes to Woody Allen onscreen and off, and ANNIE HALL just so happens to be one of the most remarkable romantic comedies ever. Ever. 

So, artist and art aside (and, this movie is the furthest thing from art, so that kind of helps), I decided to keep my ticket and go to this movie with a real story context in the back of my head and a make-believe movie story in front of me. If anything, Liam Neeson’s comments stir necessary and urgent discussions, and I wanted to take on this challenge than stay at home with my cat while my wife was away.

This all being said…

I found COLD PURSUIT to be a silly, hipster flick wannabe in the same vein as LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and BOONDOCKS SAINTS wanted to be anything Tarantino. (The only thing that has come close to Tarantino homage in the last ten years is BABY DRIVER.) 

As a Denverite, I found COLD PURSUIT’s portrayal of Denver odd, flattering, and downright laughable. Apparently, there are four miles of icy tundra between the Rockies and the city. Oh, and it’s all about Elway vs. Manning, and if you say Elway, you get your brains blown all over a wedding dress (that’s not a spoiler because that part of the movie is irrelevant). 

Just dumb.

And, believe it or not, I could have used more Liam Neeson! 

He was barely in his own movie, and I was barely in the theatre.

The “art” of the vigilante film is worn. Charles Bronson, RIP.

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